SAP A130 (Service agent/tariff zone dep./tariff zone targ/shipping mat) Table & Fields

A130 is a SAP table coming under CRM module and BBPCRM component.View details, Fields & related tables of A130.
  • Table description : Service agent/tariff zone dep./tariff zone targ/shipping mat
  • Module : CRM
  • Parent Module : CRM
  • Package : VTRA
  • Software Component : BBPCRM

A130 Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
TDLNRNumber of forwarding agent in the shipment stageTDLNRSLIFNR
TRFZNATariff zone of point of departureTRFZNATRFZN
TRFZNZTariff zone of point of destinationTRFZNZTRFZN
VHILMPackaging MaterialsVHILMMATNR
DATBIValidity end date of the condition recordKODATBIDATUM
DATABValidity start date of the condition recordKODATABDATUM
KNUMHCondition record numberKNUMHKNUMB