SAP AIE-AII (Infrastructure  ) Module Tables

AIE-AII is a SAP sub-module coming under AIE module and AIN component.Total 224 AIE-AII tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules wise coming under SAP AIE-AII.You can also refer SAP AIE-AII transaction codes from this link
  • Module description : Infrastructure  
  • Parent Module : AIE

AIE-AII Tables

Related modules & tables

AIE-AII-AP ( View full 7 Tables )
/AIN/KBNDGR2KSTKanban: Device Group to Kanban Status Mapping
/AIN/KBNASSKanban assignment to device group
/AIN/KBNIDBUFMemorize ID Buffer
/AIN/KBNINPBUFField value buffer
/AIN/KBNDETKanban Detection Data
AIE-AII-UI ( View full 7 Tables )
/AIN/TOPERATORCondition Table for Operator UI Packing
/AIN/TUI_URLDesktop WebUI URL links
/AIN/TUIBUSPGRAIUI User Data: Business Process, GRAI -> Profile
/AIN/TUIBUSPROCUI User Data: Business Process -> Profile