SAP /AIN/T_UPD_BW (BI update indicators) Table & Fields

/AIN/T_UPD_BW is a SAP table coming under AIE module and AIN component.View details, Fields & related tables of /AIN/T_UPD_BW.
  • Table description : BI update indicators
  • Module : AIE-AII
  • Parent Module : AIE
  • Package : /AIN/DM
  • Software Component : AIN

/AIN/T_UPD_BW Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
INV_UPDBI inventory update indicator/AIN/DM_UPD_BW_INV_FLAG/AIN/DM_UPD_FLAG
RD_RATE_UPDBI read rate update indicator/AIN/DM_UPD_BW_RR_FLAG/AIN/DM_UPD_FLAG
WT_RATE_UPDBI write rate update indicator/AIN/DM_UPD_BW_WR_FLAG/AIN/DM_UPD_FLAG