SAP MM Transaction codes (tcodes)

Here is list of important SAP MM (Material management) transaction codes.

Reservations Tcodes | Purchasing display | RFQ Transactions | Purchase requisition | Physical inventory | Vendor Evaluation | Scheduling Agreements

Transaction codes for materials

  • MM01: Create material
  • MM02: Change material
  • MM03: Display material

Transaction codes for Reservations

  • MB21: Create Reservation
  • MB22: Change Reservation
  • MB23: Display Reservation
  • MB25: List of Reservations

Purchasing display transaction codes

  • ME53: Display purchase requisition
  • ME23 Display purchase order
  • ME43: Display RFQ
  • ME48: Display quotation
  • ME33K: Display contract
  • ME33L: Display scheduling agreement
  • ME13: Display info record
  • ME03: Display source list
  • MEQ3: Display quota arrangement
  • MP02: Display approved manufacturer parts list
  • ME62: Display vendor evaluation
  • MN03: Display RFQ message
  • MN06: Display purchase order message
  • MN09: Display outline purchase agreement message
  • MN12: Display scheduling agreement delivery schedule message
  • MN15: Display service entry sheet message
  • MN26: Display inbound delivery message
  • WWNC: Display messages for settlement run
  • MEB3: Display rebate arrangements
  • WWSC: Display conditions for subsequent
  • MEK3: Display conditions in purchasing

Transaction codes for processing RFQ (Request for quotation)

  • ME41: Create RFQ
  • ME42: Change RFQ
  • ME43: Display RFQ
  • ME44: Maintain RFQ supplement
  • ME45: Release RFQ

Transaction codes to maintain quotations

  • ME47: Enter quotation
  • ME48: Display quotation
  • ME49: Quotation price comparison list

Transaction codes to process a purchase requisition

  • ME51N: Create purchase requisition
  • ME52N: Change purchase requisition
  • ME53N: Display purchase requisition

Transaction codes to release Purchase Requisitions

  • ME54: Individual release for purchase requisitions
  • ME55: Individual release for purchase requisitions
  • ME5F: Release reminder for purchase requisitions

Transaction codes to process Purchase Orders

  • ME21N: Create purchase order
  • ME25: Create purchase order – vendor unknown
  • ME22N: Change purchase order
  • ME23N: Display purchase order
  • ME56: Assign source to purchase requisition
  • ME57: Assign and process purchase requisitions
  • ME58: Order for assigned purchase requisitions
  • ME59: Generate purchase orders from requisitions automatically
  • ME24: Maintain PO supplement
  • ME28: Release purchase order

Transaction codes to process a purchasing info record

  • ME11: Create purchasing info record
  • ME12: Change purchasing info record
  • ME13: Display purchasing info record
  • ME14: Display changes to purchasing info record
  • ME15: Flag purchasing info record for deletion

Transaction cods for Physical Inventory

  • MI01: Create Physical Inventory Document
  • MI02: Change Physical Inventory Document
  • MI03: Display Physical Inventory Document
  • MI21: Print Physical Inventory Document
  • MI07: Process List of Differences
  • MI08: Create List of Differences with Document
  • MI10: Create List of Differences without Document
  • MI20: Print List of Differences
  • MI11: Recount Physical Inventory Document
  • MI22: Display Physical Inventory Documents for Material.
  • MI23: Display Physical Inventory Data for Material.
  • MIDO: Display Changes.
  • MI24: Physical Inventory List.
  • MIAL: Read Physical Inventory Document Archive.
  • MI04: Enter Physical Inventory Count with Document
  • MI09: Enter Physical Inventory Count without Document
  • MI05: Change Physical Inventory Count
  • MI06: Display Physical Inventory Count

Transaction codes to process a purchase contract

  • ME31K: Create contract
  • ME32K: Change contract
  • ME33K: Display contract
  • ME34K: Maintain contract supplement
  • ME3P: Recalculate contract prices
  • MLRP: Periodic invoicing plans

Vendor Evaluation transaction codes

  • ME61: Maintain vendor evaluation
  • ME62: Display vendor evaluation
  • ME63: Re-evaluate automatic sub criteria
  • ME6A: Display changes to vendor evaluation
  • ME6F: Print evaluation sheet
  • ME6G: Vendor evaluation in the background

Transaction codes for Scheduling Agreements

  • ME31L: Create scheduling agreement
  • ME37: Create stock transport scheduling agreement
  • ME32L: Change scheduling agreement
  • ME33L: Display scheduling agreement
  • ME34L: Maintain scheduling agreement supplement
  • ME3R: Recalculate scheduling agreement prices
  • ME85: Re-number schedule lines
  • ME86: Aggregate schedule lines
  • ME87: Aggregate PO history
  • ME88: Reset agreed cumulative quantity and reconciliation date

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