SAP MM tables for Material Master, Vendor Master, Inventory management and purchasing

Here is the list of important tables used in SAP MM (Material management) component. Tables are categorized as Material Master Tables, Vendor Master tables, Inventory management and purchasing tables.

Vendor master data  |  Inventory Management  |  Purchasing tables

Tables for material master data

  • MARA: table contains general data about materials like material type, group etc.
  • MAKT: Table contains description about materials.
  • MARC: Material Plant data.
  • MARD: Material storage location.
  • MARM: Materials unit of measure data for conversion and all.
  • MAPE: material export control files
  • MAPR: material forecast data
  • MCHA: Material batch master record table
  • MCHB: Material batch stock data.
  • MLAN: Material Tax indicator
  • MBEW: Material valuation
  • MLGN: WM Inventory
  • MLGT: WM inventory type
  • MVER: material consumption data
  • MVKE: Material sales data

Tables for Vendor master data

  • LFA1: vendor general data
  • LFB1: vendor company data
  • LFM1: Vendor purchasing data

Inventory Management tables

  • MKPF: Material document header data
  • MSEG:  Material document segment (item)
  • RESB: Item reservation
  • RKPF: Reservation header data

Purchasing tables

  • EINA: Purchase general information record
  • EINE: Purchasing organization data
  • EIPA: History of order price
  • EKAB: Release documentation
  • EKBE: Purchasing document history
  • EKET: Purchasing delivery schedules
  • EKKO: Purchasing document header
  • EKPO: purchasing item data document
  • EORD: Purchasing source list
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