Check SAP Payroll Results – Step by step processes

Here are the step by step processes for checking the Payroll results in SAP.

  1. Take the menu Human Resources -> Payroll -> Europe -> Germany -> Tools -> Display Results or enter the transaction code PC_PAYRESULT. (The menu path will be different according to your region, here it’s for Germany)
  2. Enter the corresponding data for the following fields
    1. Personnel number
    2. All results from
  3. Choose CONTINUE button.
  4. Mark the line with the current payroll result and choose Display Results button.
  5. From the list of displayed Payroll tables, select the following tables using CTRL button.
    1. WPBP
    2. RT
    3. CO
    4. C1
  6. Choose Display Results button.
  7. Take the menu path System -> List -> Find
  8. Enter the data for the following fields (Here you can see sample data)
    1. Find: M140
    2. Starting at current line:  De-select
    3. Only on current page:  De-select
  9. Then choose FIND button (Or press CTRL + F)
  10. In the dialog box choose the line M140 and choose NEXT LAYOUT button (Or press CTRL + F8)
  11. Now we can see the wage type, amount, name etc.
  12. Choose the BACK button (or press F3) till we are getting the overview tree.
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