Payroll Results transferring to FI/CO module

Here are the step by step procedures for transferring payroll results to FICO for book keeping and other purposes.

  1. Take the menu path Human Resources → Payroll → Europe → Germany → Subsequent Activities → Per Payroll Period → Reporting → Posting to Accounting→ Create Posting Run (path will be different according to your regions, here it refers Germany) or enter the transaction code PC00_M99_CIPE.
  2. Fill the data for the following fields (Sample data is shown here)
    1. Payroll period – Payroll area: D2
    2. Payroll period – Current period: Select
    3. Selection – Personnel number: 1051
    4. Selection – Payroll area:  D2
    5. Run attributes – Type of document creation: S (Creation of simulation documents)
  3. Choose CONTINUE then EXECUTE buttons on the screen.
  4. Choose Document overview
  5. In the “Document” column, double click on the posting number (This number will be shown in the previous step of Document overview).
  6. In the “Account Number with Text” column, double click on the item 176000
  7. Again double click on the account number 176000 with Personnel number 1051.
  8. Choose BACK button or Press F3 key, till we get the posting document.
  9. In that screen Double-click the G/L account 430000 Salaries with the CO account assignment CCtr 2100.
  10. Again choose BACK button or press F3 key till we get the screen for “Posting to Accounting: Document Overview”.
  11. Press  icon to release the document.
  12. Choose BACK button or press F3 key till we get the overview tree.

Note: Releasing of documents will be available in a live payroll run.

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