SAP Work Processes

Work processes are part of the application server which can handle maximum one presentation server request at a time. It contains a task handler, ABAP interpreter, screen interpreter and database interface. All the requests are passed through task handler. Screen Interpreter is responsible for interpreting the screen flow logic contains in the requests.ABAP interpreter is responsible for the interpretation of the processing logic of the program. Database interface is responsible for all the connection, accessing the data and all other things with database. For every request, work process need to use following two special memory areas.

  • User Context (Contains the information about the user)
  • Roll Area (Contains the information about the program)


There are following seven types of work processes are there.

  • D – Dialog Work Process (To execute dialog steps)
  • V – Update Work processes (for database updates)
  • B – Background Work Processes (Processing the background Jobs without user interaction)
  • S – Spool Work Processes (To print spool requests)
  • E – Enqueue Work processes (Dealing with lock table)
  • M – Message Work Processes (Dealing with routing the messages between application servers)

G – Gateway Work processes (Dealing with messages into and from the SAP system)