SAP REBR4 (EBR: Inspection Scope of Insp. Lot in Deviation Analysis) Table & Fields

REBR4 is a SAP table coming under PP module and BBPCRM component.View details, Fields & related tables of REBR4.
  • Table description : EBR: Inspection Scope of Insp. Lot in Deviation Analysis
  • Module : PP-PI-PDO
  • Parent Module : PP
  • Package : VBP
  • Software Component : BBPCRM

REBR4 hierarchy


REBR4 Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
DEVPROFDeviation profile for batch recordsDEVPROFDEVPROF
SELID_LOTStatus selection profile for inspection lotsSELID_LOTSELID
FLG_EXISTMissing inspection lot of inspection type is deviationFLG_EXISTFLAG
FLG_VEUD with valuation other than "acceptance" is deviationFLG_VEFLAG
FLG_VE_LTLong Text on Usage Decision is DeviationFLG_VE_LTFLAG
FLG_PEInsp. Result Valuation other than "Acceptance" is DeviationFLG_PEFLAG
FLG_PE_DSComment on Dig. Signature for Inspection Result is DeviationFLG_PE_DSFLAG
FLG_PE_LTLong Text for Inspection Result is DeviationFLG_PE_LTFLAG
FLG_FE_PLDefects Found for Inspection Lot is DeviationFLG_FE_PLFLAG
FLG_FE_MEDefects Found for Inspection Characteristic is DeviationFLG_FE_MEFLAG
FLG_FE_VGDefects Found for Operation/Phase is DeviationFLG_FE_VGFLAG