SAP TIVBPVENDORCMP (Vendor Preassignment (CoCd Data)) Table & Fields

TIVBPVENDORCMP is a SAP table coming under RE module and EA-FIN component.View details, Fields & related tables of TIVBPVENDORCMP.
  • Table description : Vendor Preassignment (CoCd Data)
  • Module : RE-FX-BP
  • Parent Module : RE
  • Package : RE_BP_BP
  • Software Component : EA-FIN

TIVBPVENDORCMP Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
APPLBusiness Partner: Application CategoryREBPAPPLBP_APPL
.INCLUDEVendor Master (Company Code)    
ERDATDate on which the Record Was CreatedERDAT_RFDATUM
ERNAMName of Person who Created the ObjectERNAM_RFUSNAM
SPERRPosting block for company codeSPERB_BXFELD
LOEVMDeletion Flag for Master Record (Company Code Level)LOEVM_BXFELD
ZUAWAKey for sorting according to assignment numbersDZUAWAZUAWA
AKONTReconciliation Account in General LedgerAKONTSAKNR
BEGRUAuthorization GroupBRGRUBRGRU
VZSKZInterest calculation indicatorVZSKZVZSKZ
ZWELSList of the Payment Methods to be ConsideredDZWELSZWELS
XVERRIndicator: Clearing between customer and vendor?XVERR_LFB1XFELD
ZTERMTerms of payment keyDZTERMZTERM
EIKTOOur account number with the vendorEIKTO_KCHAR12
ZSABEClerk at vendorDZSABE_KTEXT15
LNRZEHead office account numberLNRZELIFNR
LNRZBAccount number of the alternative payeeLNRZBLIFNR
ZINDTKey date of the last interest calculationDZINDTDATUM
ZINRTInterest calculation frequency in monthsDZINRTZINRT
DATLZDate of the last interest calculation runDATLZDATUM
XDEZVIndicator: Local processing?XDEZVXFELD
WEBTRBill of exchange limit (in local currency)WEBTRWERT7
KULTGProbable time until check is paidKULTGPACK2
REPRFCheck Flag for Double Invoices or Credit MemosREPRFXFELD
TOGRUTolerance group for the business partner/G/L accountTOGRUTOGRU
HBKIDShort key for a house bankHBKIDHBKID
XPOREIndicator: Pay all items separately ?XPOREXFELD
QSZNRCertificate Number of the Withholding Tax ExemptionQSZNRCHAR10
QSZDTValidity Date for Withholding Tax Exemption CertificateQSZDTDATUM
BLNKZSubsidy Indicator for Determining the Reduction RatesBLNKZBLNKZ
MINDKMinority IndicatorsMINDKMINDK
ALTKNPrevious Master Record NumberALTKNCHAR10
ZGRUPKey for Payment GroupingDZGRUPZGRUP
MGRUPKey for dunning notice groupingMGRUPMGRUP
UZAWEPayment method supplementUZAWEUZAWE
QSRECVendor Recipient TypeQSRECQSREC
QSBGRAuthority for Exemption from Withholding TaxQSBGRQSBGR
QLANDWithholding Tax Country KeyQLANDQLAND
XEDIPIndicator: Send Payment Advices by EDIXEDIPXFELD
FRGRPRelease Approval GroupFRGRPFRGRP
TOGRRTolerance group; Invoice VerificationTOGRRTOGRR
TLFXSAccounting clerk's fax number at the customer/vendorTLFXSTEXT31
INTADInternet address of partner company clerkINTADTXT130
XLFZBIndicator: Alternative payee using account numberXLFZBXFELD
GUZTEPayment Terms Key for Credit MemosGUZTEZTERM
GRICDActivity Code for Gross Income TaxJ_1AGICD_DJ_1AGICD2
GRIDTDistribution Type for Employment TaxJ_1ADTYP_DJ_1ADTYP
XAUSZIndicator for periodic account statementsXAUSZAUSZG
CERDTCertification dateCERDTDATUM
CONFSStatus of Change Authorization (Company Code Level)CONFS_BCHAR1
UPDATDate on Which the Changes Were ConfirmedUPDAT_RFDATUM
UPTIMTime of Last Change ConfirmationUPTIM_RFAS4TIME
NODELDeletion bock for master record (company code level)NODEL_BXFELD
TLFNSAccounting clerk's telephone number at business partnerTLFNSCHAR30