SAP T703L (Incentive Wages: Time Ticket Types) Table & Fields

T703L is a SAP table coming under PT module and SAP_HRRXX component.View details, Fields & related tables of T703L.
  • Table description : Incentive Wages: Time Ticket Types
  • Module : PT-RC-IW
  • Parent Module : PT
  • Package : PINW
  • Software Component : SAP_HRRXX

T703L Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
DYNL0Full screen for data entryPW_DYNL0DYNNR
DYNL1List screen for data entryPW_DYNL1DYNNR
DYNL2List screen for entering data on several personsPW_DYNL2DYNNR
DYNL3List screen for entering data on several groupsPW_DYNL3DYNNR
DYNL4List screen for entering data on several groups/personsPW_DYNL4DYNNR
NFPERPersonnel number requiredPW_NFPERXFELD
NFGRUGroup number requiredPW_NFGRUXFELD
LKISTTotaling of confirmed value for employeePW_LKISTXFELD
LKSOLTotaling of target value for employeePW_LKSOLXFELD
LKVARTotaling of values for employee using cumulation rulePW_LKVARXFELD
LKKUMTotaling for employeePW_LKKUMXFELD
GKISTTotaling of confirmed value for groupPW_GKISTXFELD
GKSOLTotaling of target value for groupPW_GKSOLXFELD
GKVARTotaling of values for group using cumulation rulePW_GKVARXFELD
GKKUMTotaling for groupPW_GKKUMXFELD
RFZGRTime ticket has individual resultPW_RFZGRXFELD
RFERGTime ticket is relevant to group resultPW_RFERGXFELD
IFPPSIntegration with LogisticsPW_IFPPSXFELD
RFPAYIndicator: payroll relevancePW_RFPAYRFPAY