SAP T582Z (Control Table for PA Time Management) Table & Fields

T582Z is a SAP table coming under PT module and SAP_HRRXX component.View details, Fields & related tables of T582Z.
  • Table description : Control Table for PA Time Management
  • Module : PT
  • Parent Module : PT
  • Package : PTIM
  • Software Component : SAP_HRRXX

T582Z Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
PCOPTAdmissibility indicator PCPCOP1PCOPT
MONBELength of import period in monthsMONLTNUMC2
MONAFLength of import period in monthsMONLTNUMC2
PFABWSwitch indicating if remuneration spec. is allowedPFABWPFABW
PFKOSControls if additional data can be determined from featurePFKOSPFKOS
PAREFAccounting/Logistics specificationsPAREFPAREF