SAP T554S (Attendance and Absence Types) Table & Fields

T554S is a SAP table coming under PT module and SAP_HRRXX component.View details, Fields & related tables of T554S.
  • Table description : Attendance and Absence Types
  • Module : PT
  • Parent Module : PT
  • Package : PTIM
  • Software Component : SAP_HRRXX

T554S Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
MOABWPersonnel subarea grouping for absence and attendance typesMOABWMOABW
SUBTYAttendance or Absence TypeAWARTAWART
D2OBLIndicates whether a second date is requiredD2OBLXFELD
REABFReaction indicator when first day is a day offREABFREAKF
REAEFReaction indicator when last day is a day offREAEFREAKF
REAZFReaction indicator for non-working periodREAZFREAKF
MINTGMinimum duration in daysMITAGMITAG
MAXTGMaximum duration in daysMATAGMITAG
KLZBITime constraint classKLZBIKLZBI
KLBEWAbsence valuation ruleBEWKLKLBEW
ABSTPAbsence/attendance categoryABSTPABSTP
ABKLAAtt./absence classABKLABEWKL
DUEVOTitle/Name Supplement/Prefix, DUEVO-CompliantDUEVOXFELD
DYNNRScreen for Recording Absences or AttendancesPDYNRDYNNR
KTARTAttendance or absence quota typeKTARTKTART
RGMODGrouping of attendance and absence types for countingRGMODRGMOD
KLBDEClass for time evaluationKLBDEBEWKL
KUNBZIndicator for Irregular PaymentKUNBZKUNBZ
ERGABAdditional absence dataERGABXFELD
PCOPTIndicator: store attendance/absence in personal calendarPCOPTXFELD
ART01Attendance or absence indicatorART01ART01
URMANIndicator for manual leave deductionURMANURMAN
ABWRGAbsence type grouping to determine daily WS variantsABWRGABWRG
ABSTYAttendance/absence typeABSTYABSTY
VBLAKSP Absence Insurance TypeP01P_ABWVAP01P_ABWVA
ABKNDAttedance/Absence Category for Payroll (Country-Specific)ABKNDABKND
CLTIMProcessing type/time type classCLTIMMODIF
MUNITUnit for minimum/maximum number of daysPTM_MUNITPTM_MUNIT
CRULERule for attendance and absence countingCRULECRULE
DEDQUQuota deduction through attendance/absencePTM_DEDQUOXFELD
AVAILAvailability for an attendance/absencePTM_TIMAVAILPTM_TIMAVAIL
ENDCKCheck end date of attendance/absencePTM_ENDCHECKXFELD
LVCUTReduction indicator for quota generationPTM_LVCUTXFELD
LVMINMin. No. of Calendar Days for Reduction for Quota GenerationPTM_LVMINNUMC3
LVMAXMax. No. of Calendar Days for Reduction for Quota GenerationPTM_LVMAXNUMC3
DEDOUTINTDeduction over end of deduction intervalPTM_DEDOUTINTCHAR1
ACCNTAccount assignment necessary/permitted/not permittedPTM_ACCNTPTM_ACCNT