SAP T533 (Leave Types) Table & Fields

T533 is a SAP table coming under PT module and SAP_HRRXX component.View details, Fields & related tables of T533.
  • Table description : Leave Types
  • Module : PT
  • Parent Module : PT
  • Package : PTIM
  • Software Component : SAP_HRRXX

T533 Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
URMOPersonnel Subarea Grouping for Leave TypesMOURAMODIF
ZBEHChallenge indicatorDZBEHXFELD
BGRUChallenge groupBGRUSBGRD
UMINAuthorization for leave deduction in excess of entitlementUMINXFELD
GENFLGeneration indicatorGENFLGENFL
DEDFLSpecial rule for leave deductionDEDFLDEDFL
UNPAYLeave type for unpaid leaveUNPAYXFELD