SAP FMSPLIT_VALUES (Assignment field values for Rule-Based Account Distribution) Table & Fields

FMSPLIT_VALUES is a SAP table coming under PSM module and EA-PS component.View details, Fields & related tables of FMSPLIT_VALUES.
  • Table description : Assignment field values for Rule-Based Account Distribution
  • Module : PSM-FM
  • Parent Module : PSM
  • Package : FM_SPLIT_E
  • Software Component : EA-PS

FMSPLIT_VALUES Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
SPLIT_IDUnique ID for Distribution in Rule-Based Acct Asst DistbtnFMSP_SPLIT_IDFMSP_SPLIT_ID
FIELD_VALUEAccount assignment value for Rule-Based Acct Asst DisbtnFMSP_FIELD_VALUETEXT60
OVERRIDE_FLAGIndicator: Value From Distribution Can Replace Non-BlankFMSP_OVERRIDE_FLGXFELD