SAP FMD1_F15_TVSLF (F15 Interface - Processing Key Field-Dependency) Table & Fields

FMD1_F15_TVSLF is a SAP table coming under PSM module and EA-PS component.View details, Fields & related tables of FMD1_F15_TVSLF.
  • Table description : F15 Interface - Processing Key Field-Dependency
  • Module : PSM-FM-PO
  • Parent Module : PSM
  • Package : FMD1
  • Software Component : EA-PS

FMD1_F15_TVSLF Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
F15_VSLProcessing Key F15 InterfaceFMD1_F15_VSLFMD1_F15_VSL
F15_ZUVZÜV Verarbeitungschlüssel F15 SchnittstelleFMD1_F15_ZUVXFELD
F15_ADZType of Payment F15 InterfaceFMD1_F15_ADZCHAR1
F15_FLField String for Field Dependencies (+/./-) F15 InterfaceFMD1_F15_FLCHAR50