SAP COMC_PR_FORMAT_B (Data for Converting the Product ID) Table & Fields

COMC_PR_FORMAT_B is a SAP table coming under BW module and BI_CONT component.View details, Fields & related tables of COMC_PR_FORMAT_B.
  • Table description : Data for Converting the Product ID
  • Module : BW-BCT-CRM
  • Parent Module : BW
  • Package : RS_BCT_CRM
  • Software Component : BI_CONT

COMC_PR_FORMAT_B Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
LEXISave Product IDs LexicographicallyCOMT_PRIDLEXI_BWXFELD
LENGTHMaximum Input/Output Length of Product IDCOMT_PRIDLENGTH_BWINT1
MASKTemplate for Converting the Product IDCOMT_PRIDMASK_BWCHAR40
DISP0Display Product ID with Leading ZerosCOMT_PRIDDISP0_BWXFELD
SAVE0Save Numeric Product IDs with Leading ZerosCOMT_PRIDSAVE0_BWXFELD