SAP AGS_JOBDOC_VIEWC (Visibility of Tabs in Job Documentation) Table & Fields

AGS_JOBDOC_VIEWC is a SAP table coming under SV module and ST component.View details, Fields & related tables of AGS_JOBDOC_VIEWC.
  • Table description : Visibility of Tabs in Job Documentation
  • Module : SV-SMG-PSM
  • Parent Module : SV
  • Software Component : ST

AGS_JOBDOC_VIEWC Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
WD_APPLICATIONCharacter field of length 40CHAR40CHAR40
WD_VIEWCharacter field of length 40CHAR40CHAR40
WD_SUBVIEWCharacter field of length 40CHAR40CHAR40
WD_APPL_CFGCharacter field, length 32CHAR32CHAR32
VISIBLEReplacement for Real Boolean Type: 'X' == True '' == FalseWDY_BOOLEANWDY_BOOLEAN