SAP PT-RC-IW () Module Tables

PT-RC-IW is a SAP sub-module coming under PT module and SAP_HRRXX component.Total 24 PT-RC-IW tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules wise coming under SAP PT-RC-IW.
  • Module description :
  • Parent Module : PT

PT-RC-IW Tables

  • EVHR : HR Order Confirmations (Times/Time Events)
  • LSERR : Error Table for Posting Incentive Wages
  • LSHR : HR Order Confirmations (Durations/Time Tickets)
  • T7031 : Incentive Wages: Incentive Wages Parameters
  • T7032 : Incentive Wages: Transaction Parameters
  • T7033 : Incentive Wages: User Data for Recording Incentive Wages
  • T7034 : Incentive Wages: User Exits for Incentive Wages
  • T7036 : Incentive Wages: Assignment of List Screen Types to TT Types
  • T703B : Incentive Wages: Parameter Texts
  • T703C : Incentive Wages: Parameters
  • T703D : Incentive Wages: Data for Entry Screens
  • T703F : Incentive Wages: Calculation Rules for Premium Formulas
  • T703G : Incentive Wages: Groups
  • T703H : Incentive Wages: Parameters for Premium Formulas
  • T703J : Incentive Wages: Cumulation Rules
  • T703K : Incentive Wages: Wage Types Permitted for Each TT Type
  • T703L : Incentive Wages: Time Ticket Types
  • T703M : Incentive Wages: Texts for Time Ticket Types
  • T703P : Incentive Wages: Simple Functions
  • T703Q : Incentive Wages: Premium Formulas
  • T703R : Incentive Wages: Text for Premium Formula/Premium Result
  • T703U : Incentive Wages: Table Control Fields for List Screen Types
  • T703W : Incentive Wages: Result Types
  • T703X : Incentive Wages: Texts for Result Types

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