SAP PT-RC () Module Tables

PT-RC is a SAP sub-module coming under PT module and SAP_HRRXX component.Total 18 PT-RC tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules wise coming under SAP PT-RC.
  • Module description :
  • Parent Module : PT

PT-RC Tables

Related modules & tables

PT-RC-AA ( View full 2 Tables )
PA0315CATS: Sender Information
CATSHRCross-Application Time Sheet (CATS): Transfer to HR
PT-RC-IW ( View full 24 Tables )
T703DIncentive Wages: Data for Entry Screens
T703RIncentive Wages: Text for Premium Formula/Premium Result
LSERRError Table for Posting Incentive Wages
T703KIncentive Wages: Wage Types Permitted for Each TT Type
T703UIncentive Wages: Table Control Fields for List Screen Types
PT-RC-TE ( View full 10 Tables )
TPTCOR_CALEESS Correction Scenario: Calendar Definition
TPTCOR_LOGISTICLogistics Orders (Correction Scenario)
TPTCOR_TTYPEESS Korrekturszenario: Feldauswahl Zeitereignisart zuordnen
T551A_COR_CALEESS Correction Scenario: Period Work Schedule for Calendar
TPTCOR_CUSTOMERCustomer (Correction Scenario)
PT-SP ( View full 54 Tables )
T77RBRequirement Types per Shift Group of Organizational Unit
T77RQ_ICON_TIcon Settings for Requirements Matchup - Status Text
HRPAD071Additional Data for Temporary Assignments
T77EITText Table for T77EI (Info Column for Shift Planning)
T77EBShift Planning: Entry Profile Texts for Table T77EP
PT-SP-PS ( View full 26 Tables )
PSPP_SORT_DEFName and Properties of a Sorting (Variant)
T7PBS_SP_TSN_E_TGrouping for Practical Training: Texts
T7PBS_ADHOC_2Info Columns with ADHOC Update
PSPP_VARName and Characteristic of Sorting (Variant)
PSPP_VAROBJInitial Objects for Statistical Sorting