SAP PLM-IFO () Module Tables

PLM-IFO is a SAP sub-module coming under PLM module and CPRXRPM component.Total 2 PLM-IFO tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules wise coming under SAP PLM-IFO.
  • Module description :
  • Parent Module : PLM

PLM-IFO Tables

Related modules & tables

PLM-CFO ( View full 97 Tables )
CFX_NTF_TEMPLATETable for storing information about Notification Templates
CFX_PDX_ELEM_LXML Element: Lower-Level XML Elements in Acc. with IPC-2571
CFX_DESCR_ASSIGNTable for Assigning Descriptions to GUIDs
CFX_BOM_PDX_AFDTPDX IPC-2571: Additional Attributes (Descriptions)
CFX_ID_NSAssignment of (ID, Namespace) to Internal ID
PLM-DOC ( View full 5 Tables )
CDOCS_ARCH_IDXCDOCS: Index of Archived Files
EDMS_CT01EDMS: Document Types
EDMS_CT01TEDMS: Document Categories/Language-Dependent Descriptions
EDMS_AT01EDMS: Documents - GUID
PLM-LBK ( View full 48 Tables )
ADFSH_FLGTSTAT_TFlight Scheduling: Status of Flight Description
ADFSH_PRTHEADFlight Scheduling: PRT Master records
DIACL_DSLogbook digital signatures
DIOHFW_NTYPE_VALValue table for node types
ADFSH_AIRLNCDFlight Scheduling: IATA Airline Code
PLM-PPM ( View full 17 Tables )
RLMFWCROTRelease Object Types
RLMFWOLRelease Order - Items
RLMFWOHADRelease Order - Recipient
RLMFWOLCRelease Order - Checks
RLMFWCROT_TRelease Object Types - Texts
PLM-PPM-RPL ( View full 7 Tables )
CRWB_BADI_INITWFMapping Initial Order ID to Workflow ID
TCM_GUIDTemporary Table to Debug Folder Distribution
CIBASE2UPSCustomizing: Transport IBASE fields into UPS fields
CRWBD_BATCH_JOBSTable for identification of the job
CRWB_BADIREC2UPSDetermination of Recipient-Dependent Packet Types from UPS
PLM-RM ( View full 248 Tables )
FRMLC_EXPLPARARMS22: Explosion Scope Parameters
RMSLC_FORM_TXTBText Modules for PDF Form
RMSLA_PALIHeader Data of Package Label List
RMSLA_NUITItems of Nutrition Label List
RMXTC_T10TTMS-API: Customizing - Texts for Trial Type
PLM-RM-REC ( View full 44 Tables )
RCPT_PPProcess Parameter
RCPC_SPEC_USTATECustomizing User Status
RCPC_MSC_STCONDStatus Conditions for Recipe Header Status
RCPT_PPMIG_STEPTRMS-RCP: Migration Steps - Texts
RCPC_PP_LYT_TTLColumn Headings for Process Parameters
PLM-RM-TRS ( View full 13 Tables )
RMXMC_T16Default Values for Plants and Transformation Groups
RMXMC_T22Streams: Material Representation in PP-PI
RMXMC_T17Assignment: Control Recipe Destination to Resource
RMXMC_T10ROM: Object Categories
RMXMC_T13ROM: Permitted Object Categories for Children of ROM