WEBCUIF Tables list

WEBCUIF is a SAP software component.Total 817 tables are stored in our database.View these tables by main modules coming under WEBCUIF component.You can also refer SAP WEBCUIF transaction codes from this link
  • Component description : E-Recruiting
  • Type text : Industry Solution - Layer 1

Module wise tables under SAP WEBCUIF component

WEC ( View full 119 tables )
CRMC_WEC_BP_CPGTable is obsolet - not used any more
CRMC_ISA_STS_MAPWeb channel : Status description mapping - Depricated -
COM_WECWCMPHNMCOM_WECWCM: Outgoing Links of Physical Information Objects
CRMC_WEC_SCR_URLCustomizing Table for Mapping Screen and URL
COMC_WEC_UA_AGRWeb channel: User Management Possible Activity Groups