SAP CS (Customer Service) Module Transaction codes (Tcodes)

CS is a SAP module coming under SAP_APPL component.Total 15 CS transactions are stored in our database.View these tcodes by sub modules coming under SAP CS.
  • Module description : Customer Service
  • Application component : ALR0000081
  • First release : 45A

Contained packages

  • ACSM : CS Application Components  
  • ACSP : CS Process Model Objects  
  • ASAPTERM_CS : Terminology and Glossary: Translation in CS  
  • CRM_CS_API : API Functions for Mobile Service  
  • IBSSI_CRMIST : Transfer of Telco Data  
  • IBSSI_CRM_BCONTACT : Replication of Customer Contact - Activities  
  • ICRM : CRM Development  

SAP CS tcodes by sub module wise

CS-CI-CIC ( View full 5 Tcodes )
CCMP_RABOXRemote Action Box via SAPGui for HTM
EWHVGeneric IAC for Cluster Objects
ENVDCIC: Data Environment Maintenance
EHVDHTML Customer Overview: Select Data
CS-IB ( View full 5 Tcodes )
OIIBNumber range maintenance: IB_IBIB
IB61Create Installed Base with Reference
IH20Where-Used List Time
COIBAs-Built for Serialized Material
IH22Where-Used List Time Interval
CS-SE ( View full 5 Tcodes )
OISCGeneration of PM Orders
OISFGeneration of Orders from the WP
OISDGeneration of PM Orders from SD
OISESD Service Processing Active?
OISNNumber range maintenance: IRESTO