SAP SD transaction codes

Here is the list of important SAP SD transaction codes for your reference.

Most commonly used Transaction codes are

  • VS00: Tcode for Master data
  • VC00: Tcode for Sales Support
  • VA00: Tcode for Sales
  • VL00: Tcode for Shipping
  • VT00: Tcode for Transportation
  • VF00: Tcode for Billing

See the other transaction codes

  • VA01, VA02 and VA03: Create , change and display order respectively.
  • VA05: List of sales orders
  • VA21, VA22 and VA23: Create, change and display quotations
  • VD01, VD02 and VD03: Create , change and display customer respectively.
    XD01, XD02 and XD03: Create, Change and display customer respectively.
  • VA11, VA12 and VA13: Create , Change and display inquiry respectively.
  • VL01: Create outbound delivery with ref sales order
  • VL04:  Collective processing of delivery
  • VF02:  Change billing document
  • VF11: Cancel Billing document
  • VF04: Billing due list
  • VL02N: Change delivery document
  • VL04: Delivery due list
  • VKM5:  List of deliveries
  • VL06G: List of outbound deliveries for goods issue
  • VL06P: List of outbound deliveries for picking
  • VL09: Cancel goods issue
  • VT02N: Change shipment
  • VT70: Output for shipments
  • FBL5N: Display Customer invoices by line
  • FBL1N: Display Vendor invoices by line
  • VKM3, VKM4: List of sales documents
  • VKM1: List of blocked SD documents
  • VD52: Material Determination
  • VOV8: Define Sales documents type (header)
  • OVLK: Define delivery types
  • V/06: Pricing
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