SAP SD tables

Here is the list of important tables used in SAP sales and distribution component.

Sales documents  |  Sales activities  |  Billing documents  |  Shipments  |  Deliveries

Tables for Sales documents

  • VBUK: Table contains Header Status and Administrative Data of sales documents
  • VBAK: Table contains Sales Document’s Header Data
  • VBKD: Table contains Sales Document’s Business Data
  • VBUP: Table contains SD order item Status
  • VBAP: This contains SD order item Data
  • VBEP: Sales Document Schedule Line data
  • VBEH: Sales Document Schedule Line history
  • VBBE: Sales Requirements: Individual Records
  • VBEX: SD document – export control
  • KANZ: Assignment of Sales Order Items – Costing Objects
  • VBFCL: Sales Document Flow Cluster
  • VBLB: Sales Document: Release Order Data
  • VEDA: Contract Data

Sales activities

  • NAST: Message status
  • SADR: Company address management
  • VBFA: SD Document Flow
  • VBKA: Sales Activities
  • VBPA: Sales documents Partners
  • VBUK: Sales Document: Header Status and Administrative Data
  • VBUV: Sales Document: Incompletion Log

Tables for billing documents

  • EIKP: table for Foreign Trade: Export/Import Header Data
  • EIPO: Foreign Trade: Export/Import: Item Data
  • FPLA: Billing Plan
  • FPLT: Billing Plan: Dates
  • FPLTC: Payment Cards: Transaction Data – SD
  • KOCLU: Cluster for Conditions in Purchasing and Sales
  • NAST: Message Status
  • SADR: Address Management: Company Data
  • VBFCL: Sales Document Flow Cluster
  • VBPA: Sales Document: Partners
  • VBRK: Billing Document: Header Data
  • VBRL: SD Document: Invoice List
  • VBRP: Billing: Item Data
  • VBUK: Sales Document: Header Status and Administrative Data


  • VTTK: Table contains Shipment document’s Header data
  • VTTP: Table contains Shipment document’s Item data
  • VTTS: Shipment document: Stages
  • VTPA: Partner for shipment
  • VTFA: Shipment document flow
  • VEKP: SD document: Shipping unit header
  • VEPO: SD document: Shipping unit item (contents)


  • LIKP: SD document: Delivery: Header data
  • LIPS: SD document: Delivery: Item data
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