SAP Workflow Log files ( WF_LOG_ )

WF_LOG stands for Workflow Log files.  It contains the full log data of each work item execution . Here is some important facts for your reference about these log files.

This file is being created or  appended  when

  • work items are archived
  • work items are deleted.

WF_LOG files are stored in SAP global directory (DIR_GLOBAL)

Sometimes these will be large in size. The solutions for removing these files are

  • Turn off the trace
  • Manual delete ( these is no other harmful effects by this )
  • Using report RSWWWIDE
  • Using SARA Transaction code ( Most recommended )
  • Using report WSWWHIDE

SAP  Reference  note about this file : 117718

The function module FUNCTION_PROSAP workflow log file - Technical ViewCESS_WF_LOG is used for displaying the Workflow Log files .

A user can be configure the functionality of WF log files in “personal workflow settings”.