SAP Visual Intelligence tool tutorial

SAP Visual Intelligence is used for visualizing the manipulated data as graphical charts and tables. The created charts can be saved and shared. It can access data from the local & remote databases. SAP HANA can be integrated with this for publishing the data sets. Here is a  quick tutorial & reference about SAP Visual Intelligence tool

Quick Notes

  • Stored documents are with file extension .SViD
  • SAPVisualIntelligenceSetup.exe is the installation setup file
  • The steps includes
    • Connect to data source.
    • View and organize the columns and attributes
    • Choosing the chart type.
    • Build the charts
    • Saving the documents
    • Sharing the created data or chart

Two working modes

  • Prepare panel ( to work )
  • Share panel ( to share )

User Interface introduction

  • The data pane( to show the data ).
    • It cann be viewed as
      • Grid
      • Facets
    • Possible data manipulations
      • Add
      • Merge
      • Data switcher
      • Data manipulation
      • Data filters
      • Formula creation and edition
  • The Semantic pane. Contains
    • Measure
    • Hierarchies
    • Atttributes
    • Inferred attributes
  • The Visualization pane ( to build chart ) components:
    • Chart switcher
    • Chart feeder
    • Chart body

See this tutorial Video to learn how to create charts with Visual Intelligence tool