SAP PS transaction codes

Here is the complete list of important SAP PS transaction codes which are mainly used in Project System.

Transaction codes in Requirements Grouping

  • GRM4: Assign WBS Elements Individually
  • GRM3: Assign WBS Elements Using List
  • GRM1: Display Assigned WBS Elements
  • GRM5: Assign Planning Groups
  • GRM2: Display Assigned Planning Groups
  • GRM7: Display Assigned Planning WBS Elements

Claim Management Tcodes

  • CLM1, CLM2, and CLM3: Create, Change, and Display Claim respectively.
  • CLM10: Claim Overview
  • CLM11: Claim Hierarchy

Collaboration Tcodes

  • CMWO: Configuration Management
  • CEP_R3_MON: Monitoring
  • CEO1: Display Folder
  • CEO2: Transfer Folder
  • CEO3: Check Folder

Execute Controlling Reports Transactions

  • CJE0: Hierarchy Report
  • CJEB: Hierarchy Report in Background
  • GR55: Cost Element Report

Display Documents Transactions

  • CN05: Display Project Texts
  • CN04: Edit Project Texts
  • CV01N, CV02N, and CV03N: Create, Change, and Display Documents respectively.
  • CV04N: Find Documents

Line item Reports Transaction codes

  • CJI3: Actual Costs/Revenues
  • CJI5: Commitments
  • CJI4: Planned Costs/Revenues
  • CJIB: Budget
  • CJIA: Actual Payments/Payment Commitments
  • CJI9: Hierarchical Cost/Revenue Planning
  • CJIC: Display Project Settlement Line Items
  • CJID: Display Project Settlement Line Items

Progress Determination Transaction codes

  • CNE1: Individual Processing
  • CNE2: Collective Processing

CO planning Transaction codes

  • CJ40, CJ41: Change, Display Overall Costs in the WBS respectively.
  • CJ42, CJ43: Change. Display Revenues in the WBS respectively.
  • CJ9K: Network Costing
  • CJ9FS: Copy Planning
  • KP04: Set Planner Profile
  • CJR2, CJR3: Change, display Costs/Activity Inputs respectively.
  • KSWB: Periodic Reposting
  • CJ9BS: Copy Project Planning
  • CJ9CS: Copy Actual to Plan
  • CPUL: Template Allocation: Collective Processing
  • CJ47: Overhead: Collective Processing
  • CJZ5: Interest Calculation: Collective Processing
  • CJC2: Results Analysis: Plan Status Changes
  • CJ9G: Settlement: Collective Processing
  • CJS2, CJS3: Change, Display Statistical Key Figures (WBS Element) respectively.
  • CJK2, CJK3: Change, Display Statistical Key Figures (Network) respectively.

Project Year End Closing Tcodes

  • CJCF: Carry Forward Commitment
  • CJCO: Carry Forward Budge

Materials Transactions

  • MM01, MM02, MM03: Create, Change, Display Material respectively.
  • CN33: BOM Transfer
  • MD51: Project Material Requirements Planning
  • MD50: Sales Order Material Requirements Planning
  • MD4C: Order Report
  • CO46: Order Progress Report
  • CO24: Backlog Processing: Missing Parts Information System
  • CO06: Backlog Processing: Materials
  • V_RA: Backlog Processing: Sales Orders
  • MDUP: Sales Order/Material Assignment: Edit
  • MDUS: Sales Order/Material Assignment: Display
  • CNL1, CNL2, CNL3: Create, Change, Display Delivery Information respectively.
  • CNSO: Delivery from Project

Funds Commitment Transaction codes

  • FMZ1, FMZ2, FMZ3: Create, Change, Display Funds Commitment respectively.
  • FMZ6: Reduce Funds Commitment

Project Period-End Closing Transaction codes

  • CJB2: Settlement Rule: Individual Processing
  • PSW5: Periodic Repostings
  • CPTK: Template Allocation: Individual Processing
  • CJN1: Revaluation at Actual Prices: Individual Processing
  • CJ08: Overhead: Individual Commitment Processing
  • CJ44: Actual Overhead Calculation: Individual Processing
  • CJZ2: Interest Calculation: Individual Processing
  • CJ9L: Cost Forecast: Individual Processing
  • CJA2: Incoming Orders: Individual Processing
  • CJ88: Settlement: Individual Processing
  • CJIC: Settlement: Investment Project Line Items
  • KKA0P: Change Cutoff Period for Planned Results Analysis
  • KKA2: Execute Results Analysis: Individual Processing
  • KKA2P: Execute Planned Results Analysis: Individual Processing
  • CJB1: Settlement Rule: Collective Processing
  • PSW5: Periodic Reposting
  • CPTL: Template Allocation: Collective Processing
  • CJN2: Revaluation at Actual Prices: Collective Processing
  • CJ09: Commitment Overhead Calculation: Collective Processing
  • CJ45: Actual Overhead Calculation: Collective Processing
  • CJZ1: Interest Calculation: Collective Processing
  • CJ9M: Cost Forecast: Collective Processing
  • CJC1: Results Analysis: Check Status Validity Date
  • CJA1: Incoming Orders: Collective Processing
  • CJ8G: Settlement: Collective Processing
  • KKAJ: Execute Results Analysis: Collective Processing
  • KKAJP: Execute Results Analysis: Collective Processing

Planned payments Transaction codes

  • CJ48, CJ49: Change, Display Payments in the WBS respectively.

Project Budgeting Transaction codes

  • CJ30, CJ31: Create, Display Original Budget respectively.
  • CJ37: Budget Supplement: Within Project
  • CJ36: Budget Supplement: To Project
  • CJ38: Budget Return: Within Project
  • CJ35: Budget Return: From Project
  • CJ32, CJ33: Change, Display Budget Release respectively.
  • CJ3a, CJ3b: Change, Display Budget Document respectively.
  • CJBV: Budget: Activate Availability Control
  • CJBW: Budget: Deactivate Availability Control
  • OPSX: Budget: Reset “Budgeted” Status
  • CJ34: Budget Transfer

Project Structures transaction codes

  • CJ20N: Project Builder
  • CJ27, CJ2B, CJ2C: Create, Change, Display Project respectively (Project Planning Board)
  • CJ2D, CJ20, CJ2A: Create, Change, Display Project respectively (Structure Planning)
  • CJV1, CJV2, CJV3, and CJV5: Create Change, Display, and Delete Simulation respectively.
  • CJV7: Simulation: Logs
  • CN60: Change Documents: On Project/Network
  • CJ01, CJ02, CJ03: Create, Change, Display WBS respectively.
  • CN21, CN22, CN23: Create, Change, Display Network respectively.
  • CJ20N: Project Builder
  • CJ13: Display WBS Element
  • KJH3: Display WBS Element Group

Confirmations Transaction codes

  • CN25, CN28: Create, Display Network Confirmation (Individual Processing) respectively.
  • CN29: Cancel Network Confirmation (Individual Processing)
  • CN27: Collective Confirmation Processing
  • CAT2: Timesheet: Enter Times
  • CAT3: Timesheet: Display Times

Work Center Transaction codes

  • CNR3: Work Center: Display Master Record
  • CR13: Work Center: Display Capacity
  • CMP3: Workforce Planning: Work Center View
  • CMP9: Workforce Planning – Reporting
  • CM01: Capacity Evaluation, Work Center View
  • CNR1: Work Center: Create Master Record
  • CNR2: Work Center: Change Master Record
  • CR11: Work Center: Create Capacity
  • CR12: Work Center: Change Capacity
  • CR21: Work Center: Create Hierarchy
  • CR22: Work Center: Change Hierarchy
  • CR13: Work Center: Display Capacity
  • CR23: Work Center: Display Hierarchy
  • CR05: Evaluation – Work Center List
  • CR06: Evaluation – Cost Center Assignment
  • CR07: Evaluation – Work Center Capacity
  • CR08: Evaluation – Work Center Hierarchy
  • CR10: Evaluation – Change Documents
  • CA83: Where-Used – Work Center
  • CR15: Where-Used – Capacity
  • OP4A: Available Capacity – Shift Program
  • OP03: Available Capacity – Factory Calendar

Standard Structures Transaction codes

  • CJ93: Display Standard WBS
  • CN03: Display Standard Network
  • CN13: Display Standard Milestones
  • CJ91, CJ92, CJ93: Create, Change, Display Standard WBS respectively.
  • CN01, CN02, CN03: Create, Change, Display Standard Network respectively.
  • CN98: Delete Standard Network
  • CU41, CU42, CU43: Create, Change, Display Standard Network Configuration Profile respectively.
  • CA88: Replace Work Center
  • CA78: Replace PRT
  • CN11, CN12, CN13: Create, Change, Display Standard Milestone respectively.
  • CN08, CN09: Edit, Display Network Parameters from Sales Order respectively.
  • CA83: Where-Used Lists: Standard Networks for Work Center
  • CA73: Where-Used Lists: Standard Networks for PRT
  • CJCS: Change Documents: For Standard WBS
  • CN61: Change Documents: For Standard Network

Dates in project Transaction codes

  • CJ2B: Project Planning Board: Change Project
  • CJ2C: Project Planning Board: Display Project
  • CJ21, CJ22: Change, Display Basic Dates Respectively
  • CJ25, CJ26: Change, Display WBS Dates respectively
  • CJ23, CJ24: Change, Display Forecast Dates respectively
  • CJ29: Project Scheduling

Transfer Prices Transaction codes

  • CJG4: Transfer Price Allocation: Enter Using List
  • CJG3, CJG5: Display, Cancel Transfer Price Allocation respectively.
  • CJF1, CJF2, CJF3: Create, Change, Display Transfer Price Agreement respectively.
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