SAP HR Forms editor tutorial

HR Form editor is a central tool used in SAP human resource to create and design flexible forms with an interactive layout. Using this we can easily select data from various resources.

The major tasks involved in HR form editing are

  • Selecting the data
  • Layout design
  • Form activation
  • Testing and correction
  • Start printing.

PE51 is the transaction code used for getting form editor initial screen.

Each HR forms contain following sub objects.

  • Attributes: It contains the technical characteristics of a form like its name, size and class etc)
  • Background: (It contains the information of about printed position in the form that does not vary like logo of company, address etc)
  • Single fields: (contains the information that can vary the position like employee id, address etc. The assigned values get from constant or text modules or table fields)
  • Window: (window specifies a particular area within a form. A form contains multiple winnows)
  • Cumulative ID’s: (Cumulation identifiers group together identifiers of the same type and its used in windows and fields.)
  • Text Modules: (Text modules are used in individual fields. The text must be created in each language. When the form is printed, the text is automatically printed in the correct language.)
  • Rules: (the conditions for information printing are stored as rules. A rule consist of Identification component, IF component, THEN component and Subsequent component/It wont belongs to the background and contains longer than 10 characters)
  • Documentation
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