SAP FI SD integration transaction codes

When we create a billing document in SD the SAP system automatically create corresponding account documents for General ledger, Profit center, profitability analysis, cost accounting and accounting etc.

SD to FI integration consists of passing billing data in invoices, credit and debit memos etc to Financial accounting from sales. SD to CO integration consists of assigning costs and revenues to the corresponding sub ledgers.

Here is some important transaction codes used for SAP FI SD integration.

  • MM01: Creation of Finished Goods Material Master
  • XD01: Creation of Customer Master
  • VK11: Assign Material to Pricing Procedure – PR00 & MWST
  • VKOA: Assign General Ledger Accounts
  • MB1C: Goods Receipt for Initial Start
  • VA01: Creation of Sales Order
  • VL01N: Outbound Delivery
  • VF01: Billing Document
  • VF31: Issue Billing Document
  • F-28: Incoming Payment from Customers
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