SAP FI tables

Here is the list of important SAP FI tables for reference. Here we are categorized the tables like customers, vendors, assets etc for easy to understand.

Customer Tables  |  Vendor Tables  |  G/L account Tables  |  Asset Tables  |  Dunning Tables

Accounting tables (General)

  • BKPF: Accounting Document Header
  • EBKPF: External accounting document header
  • BSEG:  Accounting Document Segment
  • BSEC:  One-Time Account Data Document Segment
  • BSIP: Double entry invoicing validation
  • BVOR: Inter Company Posting Procedure
  • KLPA: Linking between customer and vendor
  • VBKPF: Document parking document header
  • BLPK: Document log header
  • BLPP:  Document log item
  • BNKA: Bank master record

Tables for Customer

  • KNKA: Customer Master Credit Management (Central Data)
  • KNKK: Customer Master Credit Management (Control Area Data)
  • KNB4: History of Customer payment
  • KNB5: Customer master record (Dunning data)
  • KNBK: Customer master record (Bank details)
  • KNC1: Customer master record (Transaction figures)
  • KNC3: Customer master record (Special G/L Transaction figures)
  • KNB1: Customer Master Record (Company Code)
  • KNA1: General Data in Customer Master
  • BSAD: Accounting- Secondary Index for Customers (Cleared Items)
  • BSID: Accounting- Secondary Index for Customers

Tables for Vendor

  • LFB5: Vendor Master Record (Dunning data)
  • LFBK: Vendor Master Record (bank details)
  • LFC1: Vendor Master Record (Transaction figures)
  • LFC3: Vendor master record (Special G/L transaction figures)
  • LFA1: Vendor Master record (General section)
  • LFB1: Vendor master record (Company code)
  • BSAK: Accounting- Secondary Index for Vendors (Cleared Items)
  • BSIK:  Accounting- Secondary Index for Vendors

Tables for G/L account

  • VBSEGS: Document Segment for G/L Accounts Document Parking
  • SKAT  G/L Account Master Record (Chart of Accounts- Description)
  • SKA1: G/L Account master record (Chart of accounts)
  • SKAT: G/L Account master record (Chart of accounts description)
  • SKAS: G/L Account master record (Chart of accounts – keyword lists)
  • SKB1: G/L Account master record (Company code)
  • KOMU: Account assignment templates for G/L items.
  • BSIS: Accounting- Secondary Index for G/L Accounts
  • BSAS: Accounting- Secondary Index for G/L Accounts (Cleared Items)

Tables for Asset

  • VWPANLA: Asset master for securities
  • TZPAT: Financial Assets Management product type texts
  • ANAR: Asset Types
  • ANAT: Asset type text
  • ANEK: Document Header Asset Posting
  • ANEP: Asset Line Items
  • ANEV: Asset down payment settlement
  • ANKT: Asset classes- Description
  • ANLA: Asset Master Record Segment
  • ANLB: Depreciation terms
  • ANLC: Asset Value Fields
  • ANLH: Main asset number


  • MAHNS: Accounts blocked by dunning selection
  • MHNK: Dunning data
  • MAHNV: Management Records for the Dunning Program
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