SAP CRM marketing tutorial

Marketing in SAP CRM deals with the complete activities related to marketing processes. All the marketing components are highly integrated to make sure the simultaneous access from different platforms. Marketing data is written in SAP BW for evaluation purposes. SAP CRM marketing also helps to identify the potential customers for product marketing. It helps the organizations to do more marketing with less budget and resources.

Here is a list of main goals of SAP CRM marketing

  • Deliver on results with fewer resources
  • React quickly to dynamic market conditions
  • Understand marketing spend and its effectiveness
  • Integrated enterprise marketing processes
  • Drive customer demand
  • Identify and grow high valued customers
  • Connect with target customers
  • Improve sales and marketing coordination
  • Increase customer loyalty

Here is list of important activities that SAP CRM marketing deals with.

  • Marketing Planning
  • Customer Segmentation
  • External List Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Campaign Management for the Media Industry
  • Campaign Management for Utilities
  • SAP Trade Promotion Management
  • Lead Management
  • Product Proposal
  • Knowledge Management
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