SAP PP Tables

SAP PP stands for Production Planning and Controlling. Here is a list of important SAP PP tables which are mainly used in production planning and control.

Capacity  |  Routing  |  Backflushing Documents

Tables for Work Center

  • CRHD: In this table work center header data is stored
  • CRTX: work center short descriptions
  • CRCO: The assignment of work center to cost center
  • VERTE: The assignment of CAPP processes to work centers
  • VERFT: CAPP process texts


  • CRCA: In this table capacity assignment to work center is stored
  • KAKO: Contains capacity header
  • KAKT: Contains capacity descriptions
  • KAZY: Contains intervals of available capacity
  • KAPA: Contains capacity shift values
  • KAPE: Contains assignment of alternative units of measure to capacity


  • PLKO: Header
  • PLKZ:  Time-independent header data, such as administrative data
  • MAPL: In this table Material allocations to task lists are stored
  • KALC: Contains Formulas for material quantity calculation
  • KALT:  Texts for formulas
  • EAP: Contains Equipment assignments
  • TAPL: Assignments of technical locations
  • PLFL: Sequences
  • PLPO: Operations
  • PLAS:  This table contains Assignments of operations to sequences
  • PLMZ: Material component allocations

BOM Tables

  • MAST:  In this table Material BOM assignment is stored
  • DOST:  Document structure assignment
  • EQST:  Contains Equipment BOM assignment
  • TPST:  Functional location BOM assignment
  • KDST:  Sales order BOM assignment
  • STAS:  Contains BOMs – item selection
  • STKO: Stores BOM header
  • STPN:  BOM data – follow-up control
  • STOP: Stores BOM items
  • STSZ:  Standard BOM link
  • STPU:  Contains BOM sub-item
  • STZU:  Permanent BOM data
  • STST:  Standard object BOM assignment
  • PRST:  Work breakdown structure BOM assignment

Backflushing Documents

  • BLPK:  This table contains Document log header record
  • BLPP:  Contains Document log item
  • MKPF:  Stores Material document header
  • MSEG:  Stores Material document segment
  • AFRU: Contains Backflushing worklist
  • CEZP:  Line item reporting point update
  • AFFW:  Contains Single post processing record
  • AFWIS:  Post processed single post processing record
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