Transaction SFTRACE – SmartForm Trace

We can analyze our Smart Forms using trace to watch how its works and any termination caused by errors. To administer the trace the transaction code SFTRACE (In old versions SMARTFORM_TRACE) is used. If the trace is activates trace details will be stored in database for each output of the smart form. And remember the trace will be automatically deactivated after a day. There are many settings and trace level for activating a trace.

Important settings for Trace

Trace level: (Have explained in the next paragraph)

Logical page: Only a specific page output will trace

Window: Only a specific window on page output will trace


Trace level: It specifies how much in details the trace should store. The basic trace level is 5 with general information only and maximum level is 80 with all the information. Here is the list of each trace level used.

Trace level 5: Trace only warning and error.

Trace level 15: Trace level 5 + document information.

Trace level 30: Trace level 15 + with the name of processed pages.

Trace level 40: Trace level 30 + with the name the windows also.

Trace level 45: Trace level 40 + specifications as to when table output areas are processed.

Trace level 47: Trace level 45 + outputs on line types and cells processed in tables

Trace level 50: Trace level 47 + attribute values of processed output nodes like technical name of the included text module.

Trace level 60: Trace level 50 + name and values of fields in text outputs.

Trace level 80: Trace level 60 + Contains the scanner outputs also


Steps to activate the Smart Form Trace


By choosing Display Trace menu in a database frame we can view and analyze the trace stored in table. It always a good practice to use trace for newly created Smart Forms.

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