Steps to create an ABAP program

While learning ABAP all will be surprised how to create and where to write the ABAP programs. Here is the step by step procedure to create and run an ABAP program with out using any transaction codes.

Step 1: Select Tools->ABAP/4 Workbench. A screen will be displayed

Step 2: Press the ABAP/4 Editor button

Step 3: In program filed type a name (example 0301) for the ABAP program and press the create button

Step 4: In Title filed type the title of your program (like “My name Display”)

Step 5: In type field we should type the type pf ABAP program. Enter 1 for report

Step 6: In Application Field we should select the appropriate section which our program belongs to. Type * if our program not belongs to any particular application section.

Step 7: Tick mark the editor lock check box if you want to disable the editing of the program by anyone other than you.

Step 8: Press the Save button

Step 9: Press the local Object Button

Step 10: Press the source code button

Step 11: Select Settings->Editor Mode.

Step 12: Press the green check mark copy button.

Step 13: the first line should be report 0301.  (Your report name). From the second line you can write your own codes.

Step 14: Press the save button after all the coding.

Step 15: Select Program->Execute to execute the program. You can watch the output there.

We can also use the transaction code SE38 to open ABAP/4 editor to bypass the first two steps.

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