SAP ABAP Dictionary

SAP ABAP dictionary contains the representation of the tables or views containing in RDBMS. (In this tutorial the words SAP dictionary and ABAP dictionary both will represent the SAP ABAP data dictionary).So in data dictionary we describes the logical structure of the objects and mapping of the corresponding fields to the real fields in RDBMS tables or  views. It is integrated with ABAP workbench.

The important SAP dictionary objects are

  1. Tables
  3. Types
  4. Lock objects
  5. Domains
  6. Data elements


Using of ABAP dictionary make sure the data integrity, data consistency and data security by avoiding redundancies. It’s very important to understand each dictionary objects in details. It’s a major one that we are going to use in our ABAP programs. All the dealings with our database will handle through these dictionary objects only. In our other tutorials we have given more details about each of these dictionary objects and the steps to create them. Using the transaction code SE11 we can access the data dictionary window.

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