SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management) Module Transaction codes (Tcodes)

SCM is a SAP module coming under SAP_BW component.Total 88 SCM transactions are stored in our database.View these tcodes by sub modules coming under SAP SCM.
  • Module description : Supply Chain Management
  • Application component : /SAPTRX/BYA0000001
  • First release : 620

Contained packages

  • CT_SCM_DP_EHP3_TEST_CASES : SCM Test Cases in SAP_APPL for Customers in EhP3  
  • CT_SCM_TEST_CASES : SCM Test cases in SAP_APPL for customers  
  • ERPTMS_TCM_INT : ERP-SCM Transportation Charge Management Integration  
  • OPS_SE_TCM : Service Enabling for Transportation Charge Management  
  • OPS_SE_TCM_XI_PROXY : Web Service Proxies Transportation Charge Management  

SAP SCM tcodes by sub module wise

SCM-BAS ( View full 46 Tcodes )
CFC4Maintenance of Object Infos
CFM4Display Integration Models
/SAPAPO/FCSTOUTLOutlier Correction Settings
CFO1Production Sched. Profile APO CIF
SCM-BAS-DF ( View full 5 Tcodes )
/SCMB/DF_CHAINDefinition of Maximum Chains in Flow
/SCMB/DF_CUSTDocument Admin. in Flow (Custom.)
SCM-EM ( View full 12 Tcodes )
/SAPTRX/ASC0SD2Define Solution / Scenario
/SAPTRX/TSC0SODefine Solution / Scenario
/SAPTRX/TSC0SCRAssign Scenarios to roles
/SAPTRX/TSC0SO2Define Solution / Scenario
/SAPTRX/ASC0SCUAssign Scenario to Users
SCM-EM-AS ( View full 8 Tcodes )
/SAPTRX/ASC0TEDefine EM extraction
/SAPTRX/ASC0TSDefine Event Managers (Engines)
/SAPTRX/ASC0AODefine App. Object and Event Types
/SAPTRX/ASAPLOGAppl. system log for event handling
/SAPTRX/ASC0TFDefine EM Interface Functions