SAP KM (Knowledge Management) Module Transaction codes (Tcodes)

KM is a SAP module coming under SAP_BASIS component.Total 165 KM transactions are stored in our database.View these tcodes by sub modules coming under SAP KM.
  • Module description : Knowledge Management
  • Application component : BIO0000091
  • First release : 46D

Contained packages

  • /SDF/INVS_MAIN : Innovation Discovery  
  • SKMM : Knowledge Management Application Components  

SAP KM tcodes by sub module wise

KM-KW ( View full 123 Tcodes )
SIT00KW: Documentation Development
SI22Create Command Files
SI23Init. screen of cust. maint. interf.
SI24_EXTENSIONMaintain Enhancement Rel./String
KM-KW-PAW ( View full 42 Tcodes )
SL93PAW - Maintain Settings
SL94PAW - Maintain test IO profile
SL104PAW - Deleting Results
SL61PAW - Test Results Transfer to HR