SAP IS-MP (Mill Products Industry Solution) Module Transaction codes (Tcodes)

IS-MP is a SAP module coming under ECC-DIMP component.Total 166 IS-MP transactions are stored in our database.View these tcodes by sub modules coming under SAP IS-MP.
  • Module description : Mill Products Industry Solution
  • Application component :
  • First release :

IS-MP Tcodes

SAP IS-MP tcodes by sub module wise

IS-MP-CA ( View full 10 Tcodes )
/SAPMP/MIGCMigration Cable -> DIMP: Status
MILL_00IS Mill Products
OMILL_MMCLMaintain Selection Profile
IS-MP-LE ( View full 8 Tcodes )
/SAPMP/97000078IMG Activity: /SAPMP/LESHPLBA3
/SAPMP/97000079IMG Activity: /SAPMP/LESHPLBA4
IS-MP-LO ( View full 10 Tcodes )
/SAPMP/CHARACTAssignment of MillCa Characteristics
/SAPMP/BN2MMaintain N:M Batch Assignments
/SAPMP/VERSARTWeight Allowances for Lagging Type
IS-MP-MM ( View full 9 Tcodes )
MILL_CUT_LBAConfirmation DNP Processing
/SAPMP/STOCKBatch-Based Packaging Overview
MILL_CUT_COCutting Confirmation
/SAPMP/WEHBPO History with Characteristics
IS-MP-NF ( View full 79 Tcodes )
/NFM/DEHS1Maintain Default Value Header, SD
/NFM/RAPS3Display Rates for Provision, SD
/NFM/RATS3Display Rates, SD
/NFM/BSLMExchange Key, Vendor
IS-MP-PP ( View full 14 Tcodes )
/SAPMP/PP_COHVMass Processing of Production Order
/SAPMP/SEROUSend Routing
MILL_OCCreate Order Combination
/SAPMP/WEHFGR History of Production Order
IS-MP-SD ( View full 9 Tcodes )
OMILL_WF_SDCustomizing Workflow MILL_SD
OMILL_SE_ATNAMCustomizing Fast Entry
OMILL_SE_POSTYPCustomize Global Item Category
OMILL_T160M_SDSales Order Versions
/SAPMP/CUST_LGPRRental Fees as a Percentage