SAP IS-EC () Module Transaction codes (Tcodes)

IS-EC is a SAP module coming under ECC-DIMP component.Total 233 IS-EC transactions are stored in our database.View these tcodes by sub modules coming under SAP IS-EC.
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SAP IS-EC tcodes by sub module wise

IS-EC-BOS ( View full 95 Tcodes )
/SAPBOQ/SES_NRNumber Assignment for Document
ADTBOS01Maintenance: SD-SRV Valid Reports
BOS02SD: Service Entry - Web Transaction
IS-EC-CEM ( View full 138 Tcodes )
J3G&Field Selection Equi. Insurance Data
/SAPCEM/SDLList of Shipping Documents
J3G|List of Insurance Data
J4GCETM: Display Conditn Table (PrcList)
/SAPCEM/MCT_1ETM Settlement