SAP IM (Investment Management) Module Transaction codes (Tcodes)

IM is a SAP module coming under SAP_FIN component.Total 303 IM transactions are stored in our database.View these tcodes by sub modules coming under SAP IM.
  • Module description : Investment Management
  • Application component : HLA0009450
  • First release : 30A

Contained packages

  • AIMM : Application components IM  
  • AIMP : Process model objects IM  
  • APPL_CONTENT_IM : Analytics Content for IM  
  • ASAPTERM_IM : Terminology and Glossary: Translation in IM  
  • RS_IMG_IM : OLTP-IMG IM (Investment Management)  
  • U130 : Investment Management  

SAP IM tcodes by sub module wise

IM-FA ( View full 1 Tcodes )
IMR1_ALVALV Reporting Investment Program
IM-FA-IA ( View full 135 Tcodes )
S_ALR_87006359IMG Activity: OANF_IMDT
IMDVApp. req: Global variables
S_ALR_87006375IMG Activity: OANF_IMDZ
IMD3App.req: Display report
S_ALR_87006320IMG Activity: SIMG_KOPLAN1
IM-FA-IE ( View full 130 Tcodes )
S_ALR_87003850IMG Activity: OLPR_IM_WORKFLOW
S_ALR_87003550IMG Activity: ORIP_IMEQ_VERD
S_ALR_87003522IMG Activity: ORIP_IMEX
S_ALR_87003868IMG Activity: OLPR_IM_BILD
IM-FA-IS ( View full 34 Tcodes )
IMC8IM Summarization: Client copy report
IMCYIM Summarization: Reorg. report data
IMCTIM Summar: Translation of drilldowns
IMBDIM Summariz: Delete values/hierarchy
IMCCIM Summarization: Curr. transl. type
IM-FA-PR-CL-SE ( View full 3 Tcodes )
CJIDDisplay Project Settlement Line Itms
CJICMaintain Project Settlement LIs
CJIEProjects: Retirement LI Settlement