SAP DI (Discrete Industries) Module Transaction codes (Tcodes)

DI is a SAP module coming under EA-APPL component.Total 40 DI transactions are stored in our database.View these tcodes by sub modules coming under SAP DI.
  • Module description : Discrete Industries
  • Application component : /SAPDII/KS10000011
  • First release : 610

SAP DI tcodes by sub module wise

DI-WI-DP ( View full 40 Tcodes )
/SAPDII/T_CPRSYSMPartner to System Mapping
/SAPDII/T_CAPPSETMaintain Application Set
/SAPDII/T_CUSPRMAPUser To Partner Mapping
/SAPDII/T_CEXINTID Value Table for Ext Interface ID