SAP_UI Transaction codes (Tcodes)

SAP_UI is a SAP software component.Total 149 transactions are stored in our database.View these tcodes by main modules coming under SAP_UI component.
  • Component description : Sub component EA-HRCSE of EA-HR
  • Type : N
  • Type text : Application Extensions

Module wise Tcodes under SAP SAP_UI component

BC ( View full 4024 Tcodes )
SWDPShow Graphical Workflow Log
OOALECOMBHR: Distributable Relationship
IWP_REUSE_DEFINEDefine InfoObjects to Be Reused
OANRNumber Range Maintenance: ARCHIVELNK
CA ( View full 9776 Tcodes )
SEPA_STATUS_CUSTSEPA: Unallowed Status Change
CNV_20201_NROBJ0Maintain no. range conversion rule
S_ALR_87012393Data Medium Exchange with Disk
CNV_TIMERECCNV: Runtime logging
CPF_A_CATCPF Customizing Parameter Catalog