IS-UT Transaction codes (Tcodes)

IS-UT is a SAP software component.Total 2013 transactions are stored in our database.View these tcodes by main modules coming under IS-UT component.
  • Component description : Sub component EA-HRCIE of EA-HR
  • Type : N
  • Type text : Application Extensions

Module wise Tcodes under SAP IS-UT component

IS-T ( View full 76 Tcodes )
ISTCA_T100Def. Info. for Payment Medium ID
S_KK4_74002454IMG Activity: _ISTBDBP_000008
S_KK4_74002447IMG Activity: IST_CUST_MALF_EXIT
IS-U ( View full 1961 Tcodes )
ENPSNo. Range Maint.: ISU_EABP
S_KK4_74001039IMG Activity: _ISUUTSMIV_000005
E1DYCreate/Rep. Dynamic Schedule Records
EK16Document Type: GI and VAT Perception
S_KK4_74000950IMG Activity: _ISUCS_000001