SAP SAP_GWFND Tables list

SAP_GWFND is a SAP software component.Total 246 tables are stored in our database.View these tables by main modules coming under SAP_GWFND component.You can also refer SAP SAP_GWFND transaction codes from this link

Module wise tables under SAP SAP_GWFND component

SAP OPU Module ( View full 246 tables )

/IWBEP/I_SBD_GSSB: DM Generation Strategies
/IWBEP/I_SBO_CTTSB: OData Complex Type Descriptions
/IWFND/I_RMI_MTFModel Entity Transformation Assignment
/IWBEP/I_SBD_PSB: DM plugins
/IWBEP/I_SBD_FPSB: DM Favourite Projects of Users
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