PI_BASIS Tables list

PI_BASIS is a SAP software component.Total 516 tables are stored in our database.View these tables by main modules coming under PI_BASIS component.You can also refer SAP PI_BASIS transaction codes from this link
  • Component description : Sub component EA-HRCKR of EA-HR
  • Type text : Application Extensions

Module wise tables under SAP PI_BASIS component

EIM ( View full 2 tables )
/SAPDS/SAPDSDataServices: internal table with row counts
/BODS/BODSDataServices: internal table with row counts
MDM ( View full 22 tables )
MDMGXOBJTYPMDM Objecttypes in Repository
MDMEXVARIHEADMDM Extraction Process: Header Table
MDM_DELFRM_OCTRLMDM: Object deletion controller customizing
MDMGXC2MDM Generic Check Table Extractor: Function Parameters
MDMRCPTSETSettings for Monitor Status Receipts