11 Advantages of SAP Software

Recently one of my friend asked about the advantages of SAP software implementation for a company. So I planned to write a small & quick look about that here. You can also contribute yours as comments here.

  1. With more than 300 products and 2000 components, SAP covers most of the areas of a business.
  2. Low implementation time than developing a new one for a company.
  3. All the functional modules are covered and integrating with each other.
  4. Advanced analytical features for vast reports and critical decision making.
  5. High security and different roles for the user.
  6. It support multiple languages and Fiscal years.
  7. Companies can save their time and cost for running their entire processes.
  8. Different types of Operating System and database are supported.
  9. It is widely used by the companies, in most of the countries.
  10. There is a lot of SAP implementation companies and professionals available to work.
  11. New features are adding according to the market and new technology.
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