SAP PM Transaction Codes

Here is a list of important SAP PM Transaction codes for your reference. PM stands for plant maintenance. Transaction codes are categorized here as work order and work center, maintenance plan, Equipments, Task List, Functional Location, Serial Numbers, Measurement, and Notification List.

Transaction codes for Work order and Work Center

  • IW31, IW32, and IW33:  Create, Change, and display Work order respectively
  • IW38, IW39, and IW40: Work Order Listing change, Display, and Display multi level respectively
  • IR01, IR02: Create, and Change Work Centre
  • CA85: Replace Work Centre

Transaction codes for Maintenance Plan

  • IP02, IP03, IP10: Change, Display, and Schedule Maintenance Plan respectively
  • IP11, IP12: Change, and Display Maintenance Strategy respectively
  • IP04, IP05, IP06: Create, Change, and Display Maintenance Item
  • IP17 IP18: Maintenance Item List Editing – Change, and Display
  • IP15, IP16: Maintenance Plan List Editing – Change, and Display

Equipments transaction codes

  • IE01, IE02, IE03: Create, Change, and Display Equipment respectively
  • IE05, IE08: Equipment list editing change, and display respectively

Task List tcodes

  • IA05, IA06: Create, and Change General Task List
  • IA01, IA02: Create, and Change Equipment Task List

Functional Location transactions

  • IL01, IL02, IL03: Create, Change, and Display Functional Location
  • IL05, IL06: Functional Location List Editing – Change, and Display
  • IA11, IA12: Create, and Change Functional Location Task Lists

Transaction codes for Serial Numbers

  • IQ01, IQ02, IQ03: Create, Change, and Display Serial Numbers
  • IQ04, IQ08, IQ09: Serial Numbers List Editing – Create, change, and Display

Measurement transaction codes

  • IK01, IK02, IK03: Create, Change, and Display Measurement Point
  • IK08, IK07: Measurement Point List Editing – Change, and Display
  • IK11, IK12, IK13: Create, Change, and Display Measurement Documents
  • IK21 and IK22: Measurement Documents List Editing – Create
  • IK18, IK17: Measurement Documents List Editing – Change, and Display
  • IK41: Measurement Documents List Editing – Display Archive

Notification List

  • IW28, IW29, and IW30: Change, Display, and Display Multi level Notification List Editing respectively.
  • IW64, IW65: Change, and Display Notification List of Activities
  • IW68, IW69: Change, and Display Notification List of Items
  • IW66, IW67: Change, and Display notification List of tasks respectively
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