ABAP SELECT-OPTIONS statement details with example

The keyword SELECT-OPTIONS in ABAP programming is used for specifying variable data selection option in a selection screen. When we execute a type 1 ABAP program  ( Executable ), the interface is defined by the SELECT-OPTIONS statement and PARAMETERS statement. It also specifies the user input data. See Example program

The role of this keyword is that, it specified what type of data it is. In some case user need to select data from a drop-down box ( which coming from a table data ). In other scenarios , there must be a high and low value. Some will be integer and some will be strings. Here comes the importance of SELECT-OPTIONS statement. I hope now you got the point.

Its syntax will look like
SELECT-OPTIONS datavalues FOR uservariable.

Basic Additions used with SELECT-OPTIONS

Here is a sample program for your reference

ABAP SELECT-OPTIONS sample program

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