Breakpoints in ABAP programs are the area of the programs where it stops the execution of the current program and turn it into debugging mode. It mainly used for testing purposes. BREAK-POINT is the keyword used to create static breakpoints in ABAP programs. There are various types of breakpoints are there.

Static Breakpoints: The program is always stopped the execution and turns into debugging mode at a fixed point where the BREAK-POINT statement is used in ABAP program. It is user independent.

Dynamic Breakpoints: It is user specific break points.

  • Debugger breakpoints: Breakpoints are created in debugger. And all the breakpoints will be deleted when the debugger closed.
  • Session Breakpoints: Breakpoints are created in ABAP editor. It is valid for a logon session and for all external modes of this logon session.
  • User Breakpoints (External Breakpoints): It is valid for all user logons on the current server of the current system. We can convert Debugger breakpoints and Session Breakpoints into External Breakpoints within the debugger. All the External Breakpoints are valid for 2hours only.
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